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Very challenging, wonderful mentor, school registrar helpful.
E. Raney, PhD in Cultural Art History.
My mentor assisted me to a great extent in getting all the content in a readable manner. He helped me to be focused in the main topic of the research and gave me enough time to explain all the details. Very positive. The program is excellent and I’m satisfied.
S. Tremmel, PhD in Business Management, Hewlett Packard
V. Sonstegard I love this program. My knowledge of my chosen subject and research skills have improved exponentially. I’ve continued to grow as a researcher and have learned so much to bring into the classroom. I’ve also been able to share my experiences with my students along the way – they see that learning does not cease at graduation, but remains a life-long experience. Ending is bittersweet – I can’t put a numerical value on my program other than to say that it is priceless.
V. Sonstegard, PhD in Cultural Art History.
B. Shimizu This was much more than what I had initially expected but it turned out to be a period that was rewarded by enough fulfilments to make the months since I have received my degree pale in comparison. I was therefore very fortunate to have Dr Alan Roughley as a mentor. He put me on the right track and kept me there even though I have to admit that there was a lot of wavering on my part. Studying with Warnborough has not only fulfilled my dream of having a doctorate, it has changed the way I appreciate the world through the knowledge I have gained.
B. Shimizu, PhD in English Literature.
J. McKeown The Warnborough programme allows me to continue professional growth with a global perspective and with practical applications on-site. Warnborough’s individualised programme of study is directly applicable to attaining my personal goals that add richness, meaning and value to my life as a professional educator.
J. McKeown, EdD in Educational Leadership.
D. Haberland I found the time spent studying through Warnborough excellent. The leadership and support provided was first class. I also found the study materials extremely useful and current, especially in the current world climate and the fight against terrorism. I would not hesitate in recommending the programme to anyone working within the security industry worldwide. I am very proud of my achievements and I would like to personally thank Warnborough for this great opportunity.
D. Haberland, BAppSc in Investigations, Security and Risk Management.
P. Freer It is both an honour and pleasure to have worked with the staff and I shall devote all the time necessary to aid in enhancing the College. When I became interested in a doctoral programme, I was accepted for enrolment with maximum transfer credit to Capella University, and upon transfer, to Northcentral and Phoenix Universities. All are regionally accredited in the US, and I would like to advise that I am pleased to have chosen Warnborough. The Warnborough PhD epitomises the goal of my lifetime.
P. Freer, PhD in Accounting and Finance.
M. Rojack I chose Warnborough because it offered the flexibility that many universities didn’t – everything from when I could start to my own payment plan to when I could matriculate. Feedback is hugely important. My mentor is fantastic and always advises on chapters, case studies, etc. when appropriate. I thrive on knowing I’m going in the right direction. My Warnborough experience would be very different without ‘Dr R’!
M. Rojack, MBA.
It been an all-around positive experience, with courtesy and professionalism shown from everyone I have had contact with. Distance learning allowed me to continue working and building a career while being a student. Being a teacher, placing myself in the role of student also improved my teaching skills and heightened my sense of empathy.
D. Hohol, MA in Creative Writing.
J. Lang I chose Warnborough for several reasons. First, the online format allowed me to continue with my career while pursuing my studies. Second, the program accelerated my doctoral studies by not requiring courses as part of the curriculum. It was directly relevant to my career. I studied frameworks and best practices adopted by leading companies. I can now leverage my learnings from the program.
J. Lang, DBA
R. Sharma My Warnborough experience was complementary to what I do routinely – teaching students and guiding and encouraging them to stay motivated to successfully complete their program of studies; in essence, Student Retention. My Warnborough experience provided me with the requisite skills to do just that. My mentor, Dr Ray Morland, was exceptionally helpful in his prompt and quality feedback as I progress through my program at Warnborough. Also, I particularly liked the flexibility of the project-based approach. I was able to delve into several areas of interest that are distinct, yet related to my overall theme. And, of course, distance learning provides its own benefits in terms of flexibility, location, duration, time etc.
R. Sharma, EdD in Educational Administration
M. Beauchamp My Warnborough experience was excellent – I was able to do research in a vital new area; was able to develop that research in important ways; and because of that, I am able to carry on as one of the groundbreakers in that area. Moreover, because of this research I believe I’m having some impact on how an entire group of individuals are perceived and written about. I liked the programme for letting me research a (at the time) new and unique topic. I was able to work with excellent mentors who guided me while at the same time permitting me the thrill and intellectual satisfaction of my own discoveries. Education doesn’t get any better than that.
M. Beauchamp, PhD in Contemporary Literature, Alliant International University
M. Chambers After being accepted into the research programme for the Ph.D. in Ancient Philosophy, I was assigned to Prof. Keith Seddon for mentoring. Dr. Seddon was a delight to work with — accessible, thorough, knowledgeable, encouraging. Indeed everyone with whom I’ve had contact at Warnborough has been timely, friendly, and helpful in issuing information, answering questions, and advising. We made full use of email, telephone, and surface mail. I was amazed and delighted to discover Warnborough’s programme, available in a distance-learning format. I can’t imagine that the market for such a program is very large, but it certainly was ideal for me. Although initially I questioned whether a distance learning programme could be of acceptable quality – particularly at the post-graduate level, I have found nothing lacking in my Warnborough experience. Warnborough’s distance learning process seems to operate at the level of both an art and a science!
M. Chambers, PhD in Ancient Philosophy, Chancellor (Johnson University Florida)
J. Fletcher Warnborough is the best experience I have had. I have attended other academic institutions. However, Warnborough gave me that personal touch and gave meaning to the whole experience of being qualified. I chose Distance Learning because it suited my family and career situations, and where I was at that time in my life. In distance learning, it is very important to have feedback. I got it from the Warnborough family.
J. Fletcher, PhD in Human Resource Management.
T. Plowman Warnborough’s PhD by publication programme was a perfect match for my educational goals. I’ve been actively publishing since 1997. It gave me the opportunity to pull all of that work together into a coherent exposition and bring closure to a decade of work.
T. Plowman, PhD in Education.
P. Cooper I attended Warnborough College, Ireland for my MFA. They make you work very hard for your qualification. All professors are very qualified with degrees from major institutions, all accredited. My education prior to WCI was in the United States in Olympia, Washington, at The Evergreen State College. Also a non-traditional school but run by Washington State, I received my BA from there. It was voted as one of the top ten liberal arts colleges in the USA. I’m proud to have attended both Warnborough College, Ireland and The Evergreen State College, Olympia WA USA.
P. Cooper, MFA.
T. Hillier I selected Warnborough because I could study, research, collaborate anytime anywhere. The open university philosophy means so much to me as an adult learner who is balancing work, study, family and community involvement. Not to mention the very friendly administrative team. They personified such friendliness and excellent client service from the first email I sent to Warnborough several years ago. Great supervisors, mentors and peer buddies. Loads of support along the way. This programme was congruent with my educational philosophy which is to remove barriers to education and empower people.
T. Hillier, DBA.
A. Young I both enjoyed and cursed the experience. The cursing had more to do with the lack of time I had to work on my dissertation due to accepting a commission in the Air Force. But I am pleased with my dissertation and overall think the experience was wonderful. The feedback I recieved from my mentor was invaluable. He was so accurate and provided fantastic insight into where I was trying to go with my research. I did have a peer budy for a short while, and she also provided wonderful advice, but again, my schedule interferred with me being able to take full advantage of the experience. Colleagues at work were able to provide more direct support, as did family.
A. Young, PhD.
J. Robb Warnborough provided me with the opportunity to show what I can do. It suited my needs – I was working full-time, studying and on maternity leave but was still able to finish. My mentor supported and encouraged me. The Warnborough staff were always available with answers to my questions.
J. Robb, MSc.
S. Drake To have the opportunity to study with such a prestigious university is a dream I never thought to achieve. I believe my life is a demonstration of Warnborough’s vision.
S. Drake, Compliance Director, Elks Hospital.
B. Anandan I am very supportive of the programme because it gives people like me an opportunity to have our skills recognised. I am used to chasing my employees when work is due, and it was quite a change when Warnborough chased me up on my work – it feels good that the institution cares about its students.
B. Anandan, Director, Casio.
C. Chang I am very happy that I have successfully completed the doctoral program with Warnborough and grateful for this opportunity. My sincere gratitude to Professor Radford for his expert guidance on the preparation of my research.
C. Chang, UNIDO Consultant.
K. Bryson I had a lot of freedom to do my own thing, but it was good to have a mentor to rope me in when I started to stray.
K. Bryson, Author
I. Morris This programme is ideal for the professional who wishes to complete graduate programmes with minimum interruption to an executive schedule.
I. Morris, Professor, Providence College
R. Erskine-Smith Managing a US$1.4 billion project does not allow me much time off to attend a traditional programme. I am meticulous in my research and like working directly with a mentor via e-mail as I can focus on the important questions and points.
R. Erskine-Smith, Deputy Team Leader, OECF Project
S. Hussain With the support of Warnborough faculty and their continued commitment to ensuring I succeed, I produced quality research of high standards.
S. Hussain, Director of Human Resources, Rothmans of Pall Mall
R. F. Seay This was an excellent expereince for me and I am proud to have accomplished this goal. I am impressed by the Warnborough staff and the way that Warnborough is changing and improving. The program is excellent.
R. F. Seay, President, Seay Management Consultants, Inc.
C. Robberts The University of Minnesota not only gave their blessing for my proposed study, but also gave me a chunk of money to defray some of the tuition costs.
C. Robberts, Program Director, University of Minnesota


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