Recognition and FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Recognition and FAQ

Warnborough College (Ireland) is an independent college for adult education. It is self-regulating and awards degrees under its charter included in its incorporated Articles of Association (no. 264181).

Since its founding in 1997, Warnborough has a distinguished history of recognition of its courses, programmes and credentials. It has a reputation for being innovative in online and blended learning. Our graduates learn to link theory with practical outcomes to achieve success within their fields. Graduates are employed in top positions in commerce, industry, universities and the professions. Read about some of our distinguished alumni.

We are accredited for some of our programmes e.g. the Bachelor of Psychology  pathway is accredited by the ACCPH and students/graduates may become full members.

Warnborough College is a recognised satellite centre (ID:128) of Awards For Training and Higher Education (ATHE)ATHE is an Ofqual-recognised awarding body in the United Kingdom.  Warnborough College offers ATHE awards to provides university access to its own degrees as well as degree pathways to other UK degrees.

Warnborough College adheres to the Principles of Best Practice for Cross-Border Higher Education as recommended by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), the International Association of Universities (IAU), and the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC). There are also areas where we adopt frameworks from quality assurance bodies like the British QAA for our Prior Experience and Learning (APEL).

Warnborough College is committed to quality assurance and peer review. Standards are monitored by our Council, the Academic Board, and external assessors. All dissertations are examined by external examiners following European standards and must be individually defended. Moreover, we work with universities and colleges around the world for mutual recognition, faculty and student exchange, joint awards, and other opportunities.