Message from the President

Welcome to Warnborough College: Academic, Affordable, Achievable

Warnborough College was founded in Oxford in 1973. Since then, Warnborough has become an international institution of repute. Its corporate headquarters are based in Canterbury (United Kingdom), where administration and teaching is undertaken. Here,  students may enrol for the ATHE pathway to a UK university degree in Business Studies, up to an including the MBA degree.

The Warnborough Graduate Research Centre (established in 1997 in the Republic of Ireland) offers several pathways to a degree including online, onsite, blended learning, ‘top-up’, or ‘competencies’. All candidates are evaluated to determine the best option for their academic and career needs. Recognised prior learning (RPL), career achievement, knowledge and skills are evaluated for Advanced Placement (AP). This reduces tuition fees, and saves time. Matriculation (Admission) is the first of each month. Scholarships and flexible payment plans are available.

The Warnborough methodology follows in the mentoring tradition of the great European universities. For all learners, Warnborough keeps to its original Oxford philosophy of using the Socratic method where students learn with their own mentor. All mentors are highly qualified, and are experts in their field. Similarly, ‘Competencies’ for advanced credit are evaluated against the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). To learn more about this fast-track pathway see:

Through the Warnborough University Alliance (WUA) – a forum for educators, university partnerships have been established for validations, dual awards and scholarly pursuits. The Warnborough University Alliance Overseas Learning Centres also provide options for their students so they can study Warnborough courses ‘at a distance’.

Warnborough is a pioneering institution and welcomes serious candidates who wish to be part of its vision. Floreat Warnborough!

Dr. Brenden D. Tempest-Mogg
President and Dean
Chair of the Graduate Research Committee

B.A. (University of New South Wales)
M.A. (Essex University)
M.Litt. (University of Oxford)
EdD. (George Washington University)

  • Oxford Education Society, Department of Education(University of Oxford)
  • Oxford Business Alumni, Said Business School(University of Oxford)
  • Member Oxford Law Society(University of Oxford)
  • Life Member Oxford Union Debating Society(University of Oxford)
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts & Commerce (London)
  • Historical Affiliate of the College of Teaching(London)
  • Vice-President Europe, International Vocational Education & Training Association (

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