College Policies

All Warnborough College policies are governed by our Quality Policy, and form part of our overall Quality Management System (QMS).

Warnborough College meets the European Standards for Quality Assurance.

Quality Policy

We recognise that effective quality management leads to a better overall administration, and this in turn leads to a heightened and more productive learning experience for our students.

Below is an excerpt from our Quality Manual:

Warnborough College strives to continually improve the high levels of service and academic programmes to its students, through the commitment and dedication of the management, and all staff, in all Warnborough College activities.

This is achieved by: –

  • Operating and adhering to, a formal Quality Management System.
  • Enhancing the skills of Warnborough College staff, through training and career development, recognising that Warnborough College employees are our most important resource.
  • Encouraging and fostering a spirit of teamwork, so that everybody can contribute to the success and improvement of the College.
  • Establishing, and reviewing the success of Warnborough College quality objectives.

Our key quality objectives are the increased satisfaction of our students and customers, measured by the continued expansion of Warnborough College student and customer numbers, continued expansion of courses, and the improvement of our quality management system through the effective implementation of organisational processes and best practice.

This Quality Policy will be displayed in prominent positions throughout Warnborough College facilities, and will form part of all new staff induction training. This Policy is reviewed periodically to ensure its continued suitability.

This Quality Policy is extracted from the official Quality Manual of Warnborough College.
Date: 2010 -2011 – 2012 – 2013 -2014 -2015

Policies Affecting Students, Staff and Faculty Members

All registered students will receive a copy of our official Student Manual.
Areas covered in this manual include:

  • The history and philosophy of Warnborough College
  • Our policies (including equality, academic regulations, complaints, appeals, intellectual property)
  • Information about our programmes and what can be expected
  • Accessing online resources
  • General information about Warnborough and our procedures
  • Contact information

Similarly, all staff and faculty members will receive a copy of our official Faculty Handbook.