Certificate in psychology and counselling

Psychology Degree and Pathway Revised

This year, we decided to review the BSc in Psychology degree as well as the BSc in Counselling.

As a result, we decided to combine both degrees but offer more specialisations and several degree pathways as well.

BSc Psychology pathway

Psychology and Counselling options

The new pathway allows students to build up their knowledge over four qualifications, starting with foundation modules and theory, and slowly adding in electives that are of interest. The program retains its high degree of flexibility, with each module wrapping itself around situations that the student is in. This makes the program very practicable and pragmatic in its outlook, while giving students the opportunity to put their recently-gained knowledge into real-world use.

The pathway expands our Professional Development offerings, since each qualification can be completed for career-specific purposes. They can be done as postgraduate qualifications as well, for people who are specialists in other fields but who need to gain an understanding of psychology or counselling concepts for their work. For example, a pediatrician may want to do a Certificate in the Psychology of Children and Young People. Those who work within a corporate or business context should consider the Organisational Psychology pathway, which also prepares students in coaching, mentoring and more business-related electives.

Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists (ACCPH)All our psychology and counselling qualifications are accredited and recognised by ACCPH – and graduates can apply for full membership.

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