• Have you got a lot of work experience but no degree?
  • Did you do many credits/courses at university but did not manage to complete your degree?
  • Are you an All-But-Dissertation (ABD) student?

Now, there are options open to you!

You can  top-up on what you have already learnt and earnt. Top-up allows you to earn the extra credits needed to complete a degree, thereby saving you time, money and hassles.

With Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), students can demonstrate how the skills and knowledge they’ve gained outside of college are equivalent to what they would have achieved on a college course.

So, you may have already done a lot of the learning without having been to University. In work, you may have gained certain competencies. These can be equated with things you might have to learn on an academic programme.  Even hobbies and interests can gain you knowledge and skills. Sometimes, without previous certification in a subject, you cannot proceed with the course that you want to do. However, there is an opportunity for you to overcome this obstacle with Prior Learning Assessment.

Use what you already know

What you have gained outside formal education could be potential credit.  We can assess this potential credit and transfer it as credit for a particular programme.  Sometimes, we can even do something called a ‘challenge test’.

Read this article for more examples and ideas.

If you think you have competencies and skills, or past credits, contact us to discuss your options.

Send in a curriculum vitae (CV) or resumé, outlining what you have done or learnt. Tell us what your goals are. We will review your situation and come back with tailored advice.

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