• Naturally curious and a problem-solver?
  • Interested in applying past ideas to the present?
  • Do the origins of civilisation and the history of ideas fascinate you?

Philosophy graduates have a reputation for being among the smartest out there and through our programs, you can really exercise your mind. As well as examining the life and thoughts of some of the most influential thinkers in history, you’ll be encouraged (cajoled even) to challenge your own conventions and those of others.

Our programs are through distance learning, so you won’t have to give up work or leave your home. You will also have the freedom to focus on your areas of interest, linking with your own academic and career goals.

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Study anywhere and anytime – communicate with us through email, IM, Skype and other platforms.


Work with your own personal mentor to design your program, based on your interests, needs and goals.


Apply what you learn to the real world so that your knowledge becomes meaningful and useable.


There are various payment plans to suit your situation. Scholarships are available. Prior learning or experience can be considered for exemptions.


Link up with students, alumni and other contacts from all over the world – become part of an international network.

Be You

Our courses are aimed at empowering you as an individual, allowing you to work independently towards your goals.