New Agriculture degree pathways

Following from our revamp of the BSc in Psychology degree, we have now given our BSc in Agriculture a refresh too.

There is now a pathway for students to work their way ‘up’, with three specialisations.

BSc Psychology pathway

Pathway options

The new pathway allows students to build up their knowledge over four qualifications, starting with foundation modules and theory, and slowly adding in electives that are of interest. The program retains its high degree of flexibility. Furthermore, there is a large practical component in each module, with students having to research real situations around them. This is a distance learning program with a degree of hands-on learning, which gives students the opportunity to not just learn knowledge, but put it to practical use.

As part of our Professional Development courses, each qualification can be taken individually for career-specific purposes, or studied sequentially to form a specialised Bachelor’s degree. This means that students are career-ready by the time they finish each stage.

The three specialisations are: Animal Production (for those who want to deal with livestock); Agricultural Science (for a more theoretical application of agricultural theory and concepts); and Sustainable Agriculture (because it is no longer enough just to grow and use, but to consider agricultural impact on the environment and life).

More Information

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