Fine Arts Modules

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NOTE: Level 500 courses are open to undergraduates who have demonstrated their ability to successfully complete them.

Courses numbered 501 – 520 are independent focus studies, and will be tailored to the individual interests of each student. Within the course area (i.e. portraiture, sculpture, digital art) students will select a tradition, an artist, a particular work of art, and/or an approach, which the student believes is representative of his or her own artistic goals. The student will work with the instructor to identify what and how the student needs to examine, within the framework of criteria that the student and instructor will establish together. The student will complete a course project of his or her own design and in the student’s preferred form and medium. The work must incorporate the concepts the student has absorbed from his or her analysis, but must clearly reflect the student’s personal vision and style. The work created must be accompanied by a concise paper that discusses the student’s work, and the artistic influences that have contributed to it. The purpose of this course is not to train students to sculpt like Michelangelo or Rodin, or paint like Leonardo or Picasso. Rather, it is to train students on how to learn from other artists and traditions, without compromising their own unique styles. Selecting a course from this series will provide undergraduates with an excellent exit to the undergraduate experience, and offer graduate students an excellent entrance experience to their studies.