Diploma in the Psychology of Adults (Managing Mental Health)

Diploma in Adult Psychology

The Diploma in the Psychology of Adults (Managing Mental Health) develops your knowledge and ability to effectively practise counselling and psychology with adults.

This Diploma program is part of the pathway to achieving a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, specialising in Adult Mental Health.

A total of 120 ECTS credits must be completed.

BSc Psychology pathway

This can be achieved by completing the Certificate in Adult Psychology (60 ECTS) and doing the following 6 modules:

Compulsory Modules (10 ECTS credits each)

  1. BPS212 Aged Care and Counselling
  2. BPS206 Counselling Techniques
  3. BPS210 Developmental Psychology
  4. BPS201 Conflict Management
  5. Research Project II

Elective Modules (10 ECTS credits each)

Select one module from the list below:

  • BPS306 Neuropsychology
  • BPS204 Biopsychology II

Brief Module Descriptions

BPS205 Social Psychology

Humans are social animals, and as such, it is very important to understand the psychology of how we interact with each other, or act as a group rather than as an individual. By understanding the ‘natural’ social needs of a person, you can develop an increased sensitivity to other people, and better identify and assist people with attending to deficiencies in their social interactions.

BPS206 Counselling Techniques

Which theories have had a lasting affect on modern counselling and psychotherapy? Which techniques are best suited to different situations? Learn about the major theoretical approaches to counselling and their application. This course does not recommend one technique over another – it makes the student aware of different therapies that can be used to help clients. This is an indispensible part of training or professional development for counsellors. Pre-requisites: Introduction to Psychology.

BPS210 Developmental Psychology

This module is aimed at people working with people of any age in a counselling, supporting, or teaching capacity. Understand how physiological and psychological changes over the lifespan affect human behaviour. Parents and carers will gain greater insight into issues that present particular challenges at different stages of the life span, especially from adolescence to old age. This course also sets the theoretical framework complementing the Child Psychology module.

BPS201 Conflict Management

Conflict is a normal part of life. How we manage conflict can destroy relationships and lead to increased stress, or it can improve our relationships and give us a greater sense of control over ourselves and our environments. Explore the causes and effects of conflict. Learn how to manage it through effective communication, active listening, and problem solving. Develop your ability to use facilitation, negotiation or mediation in group situations to acheive win-win solutions.

Research Project II

Learn to plan and conduct research into the current status of an aspect of an industry relating to their area of study, and to complete a descriptive report based on that research.

BPS306 Neuropsychology

This module provides a different perspective on psychology; with insights into how many psychological disorders can be more to do with the physical condition of a person than purely their experiences, attitudes, genetics or learning experiences. It is a fascinating study for anyone interested in either psychology or human biology; and a useful course for anyone working in areas related to health or psychology.

BPS204 Biopsychology II

This module proceeds from Biopsychology I, with further exploration of research into brain processes such as memory, and the effects of brain damage and other factors on those processes. Those working or studying in the areas of counselling, psychology or health will benefit from the deeper understanding of the relationship between our physiological condition and our mental condition and our behaviour.

How Will I Learn?

The program is conducted entirely online. You can begin ANYTIME. Upon enrolment, you will receive an email with an access code for our online learning system within 48 hours. You may be required to do an orientation course in academic writing (non-examinable) beforehand.

Modules are split into readings, set task activities, and assignments. At the end of each module, you will be required to sit for an examination and/or submit a project.

What Support Will I Get?

You will get unlimited email support throughout the program, on every module/course. Feedback is provided for every assignment that is sent in. In some instances, telephone support can also be arranged.


When you achieve this qualification, you can begin on your Advance Diploma.

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