Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Studio Art or Photography


  • Are you passionate about fine arts or perhaps an artist yourself?
  • Are you a potential Warhol or a gifted Van Gogh?
  • Perhaps you have a research interest in the fine arts that you would like to see to fruition?

To be an artist is to be burdened and blessed with the “freedom of no choice!”

The need to express oneself through art is as essential to the visual artist as food and water. Art is continually being redefined, which makes it very exciting! Warnborough College recognises that much of the work defined as “art” is comprised of crafts and minor arts. Hence, the WC studio art program welcomes artisans as well as fine artists to its graduate programs. At Warnborough, “fine arts” includes photography – so get snapping!

The MFA in Studio Art or Photography qualifies the graduate to work as a professional artist in numerous arenas, depending upon the graduate’s area(s) of expertise. Professional opportunities might include: Fine arts, Graphic arts, Illustration, Fashion, interior design, Advertising and Teaching (which may require additional credentials).

Master of Fine Arts recipients are also qualified to work in a variety of employment capacities in Arts Administration, Program Development, Travel and Tourism.

MFA students will also work in museums, galleries and a host of arts organizations. The MFA program includes in-depth courses on the business of being an artist.