Master of Arts (MA) in Screenwriting


  • Want your creative prose to live on the silver screen?
  • Think your ideas would better as a film than as a novel?
  • Prefer a golden statuette to being on the top of the New York Times bestseller list?

The M.A. program in Screenwriting at Warnborough is the cutting edge of screenplay study. Completely online, it is based initially on Aristotle’s theory of mimesis. Despite its ancient roots, the program meets all the needs of a postmodern writer in search of new writing paradigms for a changing world. This rigorous program entails eighteen months of study: ten months of modular work and eight months of thesis composition. Each module lasts four weeks or one month. Since modules are sequential and build upon each other, students may only work on one module at a time. Students who require additional
time for thesis composition may petition the College for additional terms.

Warnborough College’s Master of Arts in Screenwriting program is aimed at the serious screenwriter. Candidates on the program will put techniques that they have learnt to good use and create a winning screenplay. For a more general program, check out our MA in Creative Writing.