Master of Arts (MA) in Practical Theology and Biblical Leadership

MA Practical Theology and Biblical Leadership

  • Do you love God, His Church, His Word and His People?
  • Do you want to be a Better, Stronger Leader with a Solid Biblical Foundation?
  • Do you want to stand firm and fearless in Biblical History and Authority?

Open the Word, fasten your seatbelt, and dive into the Un-Apologetics’ Apologetics of the Warnborough MA in Practical Theology and Biblical Leadership!

The Warnborough College MA program in Practical Theology is unique and delivered completely online.  It is designed to enhance Modern Church Leaders with a deeper look into God’s heart for His Church while meeting the needs of a postmodern leader or scholar looking for new paradigms.  You will not only grow in your knowledge and strength, you will learn techniques and a system to bring that to others in a pragmatic way – in other words, Practical Theology and Biblical Leadership.

Candidates who are keen to learn and apply knowledge to real-life Biblical practice in any number of leadership roles should consider this program. For example: Modern Church Leaders seeking more, but perhaps too committed to their church or family to pack up and move to a distant university; Leaders that want to dive deeper into the Word and understand their purpose more fully;  Pastors and Bible Teachers and Scholars that want to grow closer to the heart of God and be armed to bring such depth to others, while maintaining their lives and missions intact.   If you have a deep desire or calling to pursue a Masters with a focus within Theology but outside of leadership be sure to contact the Program Director to discuss options.  Candidates will be expected to work independently and aggressively to identify and secure an understanding of the issues that seem most meaningful, the challenge of which will have the potential to stimulate the candidate to contribute to new knowledge in the discipline. There is academic progression on to a PhD in Practical Theology.