MA in Film, Radio, TV and Other Media Studies Modules

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All modules are worth 8 ECTS credits each. Specific requirements for Doctoral students have been noted.

Independent Study Electives

The following modules can be customized by the student and mentor into independent studies focused on a particular topic within these subject areas. Students may also work with their mentors to customize additional modules related to other aspects of cinema that do not appear in this list. All independent studies must be approved by Warnborough College Ireland. Requirements for all independent studies will include regular written and oral progress reports, as well as a term paper/project that demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the subject matter under investigation. All projects must be approved by the mentor and Warnborough College Ireland. With respect to doctoral students, term projects should be prepared for professional publication and/or presentation.

  • FS 529 Special Studies in Streaming Media and the Mini-Movie
  • FS 530 Special Studies in Music and its Role in Cinema
  • FS 531 Special Studies in Cinematography
  • FS 532 Special Studies in Film Editing
  • FS 533 Special Studies in Film Themes
  • FS 534 Special Studies in Film and Culture
  • FS 535 Special Studies in Technical Filmmaking (e.g., Sound, Costume Design, Set Design, etc.)
  • FS 536 Special Studies in Animation
  • FS 537 Special Studies in Experimental and Avant-Garde Film

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