Master of Arts (MA) in Cultural Art History


  • What is ‘artistic motive’?
  • Want to understand the relationship between culture and art throughout history?
  • Want to heighten your understanding of the dimensions of multiculturalism?
  • Are you considering a career as an art historian?

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Art transcends the boundaries of time, place, religion, politics, economics and culture. Art is where cultural, creative and historical characteristics are expressed – in timeless works that ultimately belong to us all.  Art history is very significant in the broad cultural fabric. Studies continue to reveal that human beings throughout the ages share common characteristics that remain steadfast, despite cultural distinctions and the passage of millennia. Cultural Art History more fully explores the cultural cross-fertilization of traditions manifested in works of art and the influences underlying their production.

The MA in Cultural Art History is particularly useful for learners who intend to develop professional careers in Cultural Art History, such as historians, museum workers and scholars. However the M.A. in Cultural Art History can be useful to those who want to pursue other careers including law, curriculum development, museum and gallery work, art therapy, art dealership, fine arts, travel and tourism, research, art criticism, creative writing, journalism and teaching.

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