Master of Arts (MA) in Creative Writing

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  • Do you have an imaginative streak?
  • Ready to get those creative juices flowing?
  • Is there a writer inside you waiting to burst out?

Put the pen to paper and further your journey into a writer’s career with the Warnborough MA in Creative Writing!
The M.A. program in Creative Writing of Warnborough College is unique and delivered completely online.  It is based on Aristotle’s theory of mimesis, but despite its ancient roots, the program meets all the needs of a postmodern writer looking for new paradigms.

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Warnborough College’s MA in Creative Writing program is aimed at the serious writer and is flexible, yet comprehensive in its scope.  It allows writers of different genres to tailor the program to suit individual needs.  Candidates on the program will get to demonstrate that the pen is mightier than the sword.

Creative writing pathway at Warnborough College

If you have already completed our Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Writing, you can transfer the credits  towards this course.

For a Master of Arts (MA) degree, students must successfully complete a total of 120 ECTS credits. All requirements must be satisfied, unless students are granted exemptions.

By Instruction (Modular):
Students are required to complete 8 core modules and a thesis manuscript or multi-genre portfolio of their work of approximately 100 pages.

Or, by Research or Projects.

Program Structure – MA in Creative Writing

8 Core Modules 64 ECTS credits (32 in the American system) + Thesis (56 credits) = MA (120 ECTS credits)

This rigorous program involves sixteen months of study: eight months of modular work and eight months of thesis composition.  Each module lasts four weeks or one month.  Since modules are sequential and build upon each other, students may only work on one module at a time.  Those who require additional time for thesis composition may petition the College for additional terms.

Students can work with their mentors to combine modules into customised programs, suited to their interests and capabilities. The descriptions will give you a sense of areas in which to proceed, at the graduate level, and professionally.  Exemptions may be awarded based on prior courses taken, professional experience, writing and research samples, and  art portfolios.
General thesis requirements are as follows:

  • For Poetry: The composition of a book of poems: 70 to 100 pages in length.
  • For Fiction: The composition of a novella, 100 pages in length, or a collection of short stories of approximately the same length. (Specialisations include science fiction, fantasy, magical realism, or mainstream literary fiction.)
  • For Playwriting: The composition of a play, 100 pages in length.
  • For Creative Nonfiction: A series of essays, 100 pages in length.

Program Modules

All individual modules are 8 credits each, except where stated otherwise.

The following modules are compulsory:

  • WR700 Mimesis of Texts 1
  • WR715 Outlines
  • WR702 Basics of Storytelling: Setting
  • WR703 Basics of Storytelling: Creating Compelling Characters
  • WR704 Basics of Storytelling: Point of View
  • WR705 Basics of Storytelling: Plot

(The above may be substituted for other modules if the student has already completed the Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma programs at Warnborough)

See HERE for a list of all modules and their descriptions.

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