Master of Arts (MA) in Business Ethics and Social Responsibility


  • Is business is about doing the right thing for and by everyone?
  • Serious about building and protecting your business’s reputation?
  • Want your business to be entrenched within the community in which it operates?

The Warnborough MA in Business Ethics and Social Responsibility delves into issues which are now very current, but which have far-reaching consequences for businesses, stakeholders and the communities with which it interacts. The course is suitable for any type of business or organisation because it begins with a philosophical base. This understanding can then be applied to any specialisation of business.

Managers, or other individuals in the workplace, concerned with important moral and reputational issues that arise in the context of business activities. It is also relevant to the consumer, the person who enjoys the benefits of what businesses produce.

It will help candidates:

  • To foster an understanding of the moral, social and economic environments within which moral issues occur
  • To introduce to the candidate the moral concepts and theories that are required to tackle these problems
  • To develop the necessary reasoning and analytical skills for accomplishing this.