Master of Arts (MA) in Ancient Philosophy


  • Interested in how the key ancient thinkers addressed the question of how human beings should secure the ‘good life‘ and how to ‘live well?’
  • Want to develop an understanding of important concepts such as ‘good‘, ‘pleasure‘, ‘happiness‘, ‘desire‘, and ‘virtue?’
  • Would you like the chance to study important texts written by great ancient thinkers like Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus and Epictetus?

…then prepare yourself for the metaphysical adventure of your life and sign up for the Warnborough MA in Ancient Philosophy!

The study of ancient philosophy has more than mere academic interest, for the ancient thinkers set themselves the task of securing for their students ‘the good life’, that is, the capacity to live as well as one may in ways that are appropriate for rational and conscientious beings. The student on this program is therefore encouraged to appreciate in a significant sense what it means to be a philosopher (a ‘lover of wisdom’) and how living the ‘philosophic life’ contributes to one’s well-being and to the development of one’s humanity.

Graduate students of Ancient Philosophy will be expected to work independently and aggressively to identify and secure an understanding of the issues that seem most meaningful, the challenge of which will have the potential to stimulate the candidate to contribute to new knowledge in the discipline.

The graduate program in Ancient Philosophy is suitable for students who intend to develop professional careers in a wide range of settings. The rigorous intellectual training that philosophy provides has value and appeal to employers in areas such as: teaching (most likely at the college level), course development and curricula design, research, civil service, local government, charities, information technology, solicitor’s firms, publishing, journalism, and so forth.

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