Advanced Masters in Biblical Studies (AMBS)

Advanced Masters in Biblical Studies

The Advanced Masters in Biblical Studies (AMBS)  is a new degree not offered anywhere else in the world. Due to the depth of  study, including every single word of the Bible, it has its own special designation, like the MBA which is a terminal degree for Business Managers, the ANP for nurses, or the MFA for artists.

  • Why it is like a Masters: The AMBS contains more work than a normal MA and takes longer, but the amount of actual words produced are equivalent to the higher end of Master’s
    Thesis requirements and the timeframe is within the upper parameters of a Masters.
  • Why it is more than a Masters: The AMBS takes longer and contains far more information than any recognized Masters level program. No MA or MDiv requires study of every single
    book of the Bible. That is unprecedented.
  • Why it is not a PhD? While the AMBS is longer and more difficult than a Masters, and the timeframe closer to a PhD, the writing produced is not as lengthy as a PhD Dissertation. A
    PhD contains a major thesis of great length on one subject while the AMBS contains many smaller essays about each of the books of the Bible.

When online programs were first introduced, they were considered inferior to the full-time face-to-face study at a university. The world has changed, and now online programs are more and more accepted, partly because the ‘traditional’ institutions have now started offering them.  Warnborough is glad to offer an elevated level of advanced education. Welcome to the Advanced Masters in Biblical Studies (AMBS).

The AMBS program at Warnborough College is designed to be the world’s premier comprehensive biblical studies program, looking at every book of the Bible (and some of the Apocrypha).

Any candidate who is keen to enhance their knowledge by undertaking a rigorous and substantive research into the Bible. It is ideal with serious church leaders and Biblical scholars. Senior Leaders that want to dive deeper into the Word; and Pastors, Bible Teachers, and Scholars that want to understand the Bible like never before are why this degree exists.Candidates will be expected to work independently and aggressively to identify and secure an understanding of the issues that seem most meaningful, the challenge of which will have the potential to stimulate the candidate to contribute to new knowledge in the discipline. There is academic progression on to a PhD in Theology by research.

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