Graduate Guidance Program

At Warnborough College, we are aware of how lonely and frustrating a postgraduate program can be. Much of the time, you are required to work alone – carrying out research (and/or experiments), setting and achieving your goals, organising your time, writing up the results.

At the best of times, it feels like a satisfactory but laborious slog. At the worst, it feels like you are adrift on a boat without a paddle, in the dark. For this reason, we offer a graduate guidance program which helps students doing a Master’s or Doctorate stay on track and go the distance, right until the end. It can be seen as part hand-holding and part supervision.

These services are offered already to our enrolled students as part of their respective programs. This is why we have a high success rate. However, the Graduate Guidance Program (GGP ) is also available to students and candidates from other institutions. Many parents often pay for their school-going children to have extra tuition to ensure that they comprehend their lessons and achieve better results in examinations. This is no different, except that it is offered at a much higher level.

The philosophy of GGP is not about ‘spoonfeeding’ or ‘doing your work for you’. We do not offer thesis writing services or anything of that ilk. Rather, you are allocated your own mentor (in addition to the
ones you have at your own institution) to whom you have access, on a regular basis, to discuss your ongoing progress. Your Warnborough mentor can help by:

  • discussing ideas, paradigms and resources for your research;
  • agreeing with you on a feasible roadmap complete with strategic targets;
  • checking your ongoing progress and providing feedback;
  • preparing you for your viva voce/oral defence;
  • just being there, if you want to just have a good old moan – don’t underestimate how cathartic that can be!

Our mentors are highly experienced, well-qualified, and familiar with what is expected at most universities around the world. They can work also according to the requirements of your institution provided you give them all the necessary information. Above all, they are empathetic to what you are going through and will always provide guidance in a friendly and constructive manner.