Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the Sociology of Literature


  • Do you think there are instances of literary works anticipating future trends, but without there being a causal link?
  • Do you believe literature can be used to influence its own times and perhaps the future?
  • Alternatively, if a given society wants to impose its religious or ideological standpoint on authors, do you believe the latter safeguard and express their independence?

The Warnborough PhD in the Sociology of Literature looks at how literature has shaped and changed society over the ages.

The graduate program in the Sociology of Literature is suitable for students who intend to develop professional careers in a wide range of settings. The rigorous intellectual training that literary analysis provides has value and appeal to employers in areas such as: teaching (most likely at the college level), course development and curricula design, research, civil service, local government, charities, information technology, solicitor’s firms, publishing, journalism etc.