Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the History of Ideas

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  • Are you a deep thinker?
  • Know your Aristotlian metaphysics from your Darwinian evolution?
  • Want to have the opportunity to analyse Man’s ideas on creation?
  • Would you like the opportunity to publish your own work in various media?

Why not start with a good idea? Enrol on the Warnborough PhD in the History of Ideas!

The History of Ideas is a diachronic study of key ideas as they interact with each other in their journey through time.

The themes in the modules listed below include important milestones in the history of ideas. Thus, the impact of Darwin’s theories on biology has been compared to that of Newton on physics.  Although Darwinism affected many different fields and disciplines, it should also be remembered that, when extrapolated to human society, it unfortunately gave us Social Darwinism.  This naturally, raises a whole host of moral and ethical issues and is just one example of what the PhD could focus on. The History of Ideas is thus a detailed analysis of where ideas come from and how they interact with other ideas through the course of history.

  • Graduates who are motivated to learn on their own
  • Those looking to move into professional academia
  • Those with a real passion for intellectual history. Even if you do not have plans to move into the academic field, if you have a real interest in the subject matter you could make the perfect student!
  • The rigorous intellectual training that the history of ideas provides has value and appeal to employers in areas such as: teaching (most likely at the college level), course development and curricula design, research, civil service, local government, charities, information technology, solicitor’s firms, publishing and journalism.

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