Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Cultural Art History

The Warnborough College PhD in Cultural Art History encompasses art from all the ages

  • Interested in artistic motive?
  • Understand the relationship between culture and art throughout history?
  • Do you know the importance of a Roman mosaic or the significance of DaVinci?
  • Ready to broaden your humanistic background?
  • Want to heighten your understanding of the dimensions of multiculturalism?

If the answer is yes, the Warnborough Cultural Art History PhD could be exactly what you are looking for! 

The realm of art transcends the boundaries of time, place, religion, politics, economics and culture.

Art is where cultural, creative and historical characteristics are expressed–in timeless works that ultimately belong to us all. Cultural Art History more fully explores the cultural cross-fertilization of traditions manifested in works of art—and the influences underlying their production. In addition, Cultural Art History explores the ongoing fascination for and importance of works of art—over time—from multicultural and interdisciplinary perspectives. Art history has never been more significant in the broad cultural fabric.

The doctoral program in Cultural Art History is designed for learners who intend to develop professional careers in cultural art history. It will also hone a student’s analytical, critical, research and writing skills, and is therefore a useful qualification for various professions.  These include:

  • teaching, most likely at the college level
  • law, program development
  • museum and gallery work
  • art dealership
  • art therapy
  • fine arts
  • travel and tourism
  • research
  • art criticism, creative writing and journalism.

For more information please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page or contact Dr Jill Kiefer or The Warnborough Team!