Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Fine Arts (Studio Arts or Photography)


  • Serious about the fine arts and wanting to take this further?
  • Have a revolutionary methodology to research and share with the world?
  • Want to explore possibilities beyond being a museum curator or gallery owner?

The Warnborough PhD in Fine Arts is a rigorous but conscientious program that can turn concepts on their heads and ideas into practice.

The doctoral program in Fine Arts leading to the Ph.D. degree is designed for learners who intend to develop and pursue professional careers in the arts that will require and combine a expertise in both Studio Art and Art History. The Ph.D. program will qualify the graduate as a professional artist and art historian, and will provide a structured but flexible environment in which future artists and arts professionals may develop and realize their potential, in the chosen area(s) of studio specialization and art historical interest.

The Ph.D. in Studio Art or Photography qualifies the graduate to work as a professional in numerous arenas, depending upon the graduate’s area(s) of expertise. Professional opportunities might include fine arts, graphic arts, illustration, fashion and interior design, advertising, teaching, curatorship, art history, art criticism and art theory. Ph.D. recipients are also qualified to work in a variety of employment capacities in arts administration, program development, travel and tourism, as well as in museums, galleries and a host of arts organizations.
The PhD in Fine Arts is particularly useful for students of the following disciplines: Art Therapy, Art Education, Arts administration, Media Studies, History, Theology, Psychology and Social SciencesHowever it can also be useful to those who would like to pursue careers such as: Advertising, Fashion, Journalism and Design.