Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Horticulture


  • Are you passionate about plants?
  • Want to know how they grow and impact our environment?
  • Interested in how to maximise your crops?
  • Think there’s more to horticulture than just memorising the names of flowers?

Try the Warnborough BSc in Horticulture and convey your interest into a qualification!

The Warnborough College BSc in Horticulture is a unique program that has been specially structured to give you a broad introduction to a large variety of plants (flowers, berries, fruit, vegetables) that are cultivated both indoors and outdoors. From this basic appreciation, you go on to learn the structure of plants, how they live, and what they need in order to grow and produce food. You will also have the opportunity to go into such specialist areas as landscape design, hydroponics and ecotourism.

Whilst learning specialised knowledge in the horticultural field, you will get to hone academic skills such as technical writing, critical and analytical thinking, and be proficient at handling project-based work. Some modules are conducted through problem-based learning (PBL) which will allow students to demonstrate their acquired knowledge and practical experience.

Thirty (30) modules must be completed successfully for the degree to be awarded. Each module of 100 hours duration provides 8 ECTS credits toward the degree (a total of 120 credit points must be attained for the degree to be awarded). Upon enrolment, studies may commence within a few days. You will receive an email with an access code for our online learning system. You are required to do an orientation course in academic writing. If you opt for the CD or printed materials, these will be sent to you not later than 3 weeks following acceptance of your enrolment. All studies may be undertaken in the country where you live.

Advanced Standing

  • Graduates of appropriate short courses, Certificates or Diplomas will be given credit that equates with the nominal duration of studies in earlier courses.
  • Credit may be given for studies from other institutions, where it has been determined that the course duration and content; and the standard of delivery, was at a level equal to, or better than that of this course.
  • Credit may be given on the basis of a formal RPL (Recognition for Prior Learning) application; for up to, but no more than, two thirds of the credit points.

240 credit points A short introductory, online module on Academic Writing must be completed at the very start of the degree. This module should take only a few hours to complete and is not examinable.
Following this, Horticulture I, the first of the compulsory modules must be completed online.
This module will take around 100 hrs to complete; and an exam must be passed, before progressing to any other modules.
The student will be given access codes within a day of processing their enrolment, in order to immediately commence these initial studies.

Year 1 (80 ECTS credits)

Core (Compulsory) Modules
BHT101 Horticulture I (8 ECTS credits)
BHT102 Horticulture II (8 ECTS credits)
BHT103 Plant Health (8 ECTS credits)
BSC102 Plant Biochemistry (8 ECTS credits)
BSC104 Botany I (8 ECTS credits)
Workplace (Compulsory) Projects:
BGN104 Industry Meetings (8 ECTS credits)
BGN102 Research Project I (8 ECTS credits)

Optional (Elective) Modules:
BHT104 Turf Care (8 ECTS credits)
BHT107 Plant Establishment and Maintenance (8 ECTS credits)
BHT106 Arboriculture I (8 ECTS credits)
BHT109 Landscaping I (8 ECTS credits)
BHT111 Landscape Construction (8 ECTS credits)
BHT110 Cottage Garden Design (8 ECTS credits)
BHT112 Outdoor Plant Production (Crops) (8 ECTS credits)
BHT114 Herb Production I (8 ECTS credits)
BHT113 Australian Plants I (8 ECTS credits)
BHT120 Nature Park Management I (8 ECTS credits)
BSC105 Machinery and Equipment (8 ECTS credits)

Year 2 (80 ECTS credits)

Core (Compulsory) Modules: Course Code
BHT105 Soil Management (8 ECTS credits)
BHT210 Irrigation I (8 ECTS credits)
BBS201 Project Management (8 ECTS credits)
Workplace (Compulsory) Projects:
BGN201 Research Project II (8 ECTS credits)
BGN103 Workshop I (8 ECTS credits)

Optional (Elective) Modules:
BHT207 Plant Protection (8 ECTS credits)
BHT206 Plant Pathology (8 ECTS credits)
BHT209 Weed Management (8 ECTS credits)
BHT303 Turf Repair and Renovation (8 ECTS credits)
BHT208 Arboriculture II (8 ECTS credits)
BHT214 Landscaping II (8 ECTS credits)
BHT216 Playground Design I (8 ECTS credits)
BHT215 Natural Garden Design (8 ECTS credits)
BHT211 Cutting Propagation (8 ECTS credits)
BHT108 Propagation I (8 ECTS credits)
BHT212 Wholesale Nursery Management (8 ECTS credits)
BHT213 Garden Centre Management (8 ECTS credits)
BHT224 Hydroponics I (8 ECTS credits)
BHT221 Cut Flower Production (8 ECTS credits)
BHT223 Protected Plant Production (8 ECTS credits)
BHT222 Vegetable Production I (8 ECTS credits)
BHT217 Fruit Production – Warm Climate (8 ECTS credits)
BHT229 Scented Plants (8 ECTS credits)
BHT227 Medicinal Herbs (8 ECTS credits)
BHT228 Lavender Production (8 ECTS credits)
BHT232 Orchid Culture (8 ECTS credits)
BHT233 Palm & Cycad Culture (8 ECTS credits)
BHT231 Rose Culture (8 ECTS credits)
BHT234 Tropical Plant Culture (8 ECTS credits)
BHT225 Australian Plants II (8 ECTS credits)
BHT204 Nature Park Management II (8 ECTS credits)
BSC205 Engineering Applications (8 ECTS credits)
BSC204 Botany II (Available 2004) (8 ECTS credits)
BSC203 Biochemistry II (8 ECTS credits)
BHT236 Plant Breeding (8 ECTS credits)
BHT242 Planning Layout and Construction of Ornamental Gardens (8 ECTS credits)
BHT243 Restoring and Establishing Ornamental Gardens (8 ECTS credits)

Year 3 (80 ECTS credits)

Core (Compulsory) Modules: Course Code
BSC303 Statistics (8 ECTS credits)
BBS301 Professional Practice for Consultants (8 ECTS credits)
Workplace (Compulsory) Projects:
BGN202 Research Project III (8 ECTS credits)
BGN203 Workshop 2 (8 ECTS credits)

Optional (Elective) Modules:
(Note: Upon approval, electives from other years may be accepted here)
BWR301 Technical Writing (8 ECTS credits)
BSC302 Biochemistry III (8 ECTS credits)
BHT203 Horticultural Management (8 ECTS credits)
BHT304 Horticultural Marketing (8 ECTS credits)
BHT305 Irrigation Management (8 ECTS credits)
BHT202 Sports Turf Management (8 ECTS credits)
BHT307 Water Garden Design (8 ECTS credits)
BHT306 Tissue Culture (8 ECTS credits)
BHT310 Mushroom Production (8 ECTS credits)
BHT219 Nut Production (8 ECTS credits)
BHT309 Berry Production (8 ECTS credits)
BHT320 Bonsai Plant Culture (8 ECTS credits)
BHT319 Annuals Plant Culture (8 ECTS credits)
BHT315 Interior Plant Culture (8 ECTS credits)
BHT314 Fern Culture (8 ECTS credits)
HT354 Eucalypts (8 ECTS credits)
BTR101 Ecotourism I (8 ECTS credits)
BSC206 Alternative Energy (8 ECTS credits)
BHT324 Amenity Horticulture I (8 ECTS credits)
BHT326 Operational Business Management I (8 ECTS credits)
BSC305 Plant Ecology (8 ECTS credits)
BHT213 Hydroponics II (8 ECTS credits)
BHT321 Hydroponics III (8 ECTS credits)
BHT340 Managing Notable Gardens (8 ECTS credits)

Credit may be given for studies from other institutions, where it has been determined that the course duration and content; and the standard of delivery, was at a level equal to, or better than that of this course.

Credit may be given on the basis of a formal RPL (Recognition for Prior Learning) application; for up to, but no more than, two thirds of the credit points