Reference Request Form

Just send this link on to your referees and they can complete this reference request form. Be sure to give them permission to write a reference about you!

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Reference Request

You have been asked to provide a reference for a candidate who wishes to undertake a programme of study at Warnborough College. Please complete this form. Thank you for your assistance.

Warnborough College adheres to Data Protection policies. Under these policies, the candidate has the right to review his or her educational records. The Act further provides that the student may waive his or her right to see recommendations for admission. Please indicate below if you know whether or not the candidate waives his or her right, and if you are happy to continue.and signing your name whether you wish to waive this right.

May we contact you if we need further clarification?
The candidate has waived his/her right of access to this recommendation form
Are you happy to continue?

Perhaps you should obtain the candidate's waiver of a request first, then!

Candidate's Name
Referee's Section
How long and under what circumstances have you known the applicant?
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Please discuss the applicant's strengths.
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What are the applicant's weaknesses?What efforts has the applicant taken to improve in these areas?
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How might these strengths and weaknesses affect the applicant’s performance on the programme?
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Based on your experience, please evaluate the applicant in each area using the scale below: 1 is Poor; 2 is Average; 3 is Good; 4 is Very Good; 5 is Excellent

Leadership Skills
Attention to detail
Organisational Skills
Technical Skills
Ability to work alone
Ability to work in groups
Performance under stress
Competence in areas of responsibility
Ability to accept constructive criticism
Any other comments?
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I declare that the above form was completed honestly and accurately, with no malice or wrong intent towards any individual.
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Reference Date
All done, checked and ready to go