concept of the nation

Concept of the Nation – A New PhD

For those of you are philosophically-inclined, we have a new PhD program on the History of Ideas. This time, we look at the fascinating concept of what makes a ‘nation’ or a ‘country’. Is it just physical borders or lines on a map which define the country? Do we define a country by the language its people speak, or the dominant culture?

Lots of fascinating ideas to ruminate over- however, you can do more than that. You can embark on a learning journey and conduct substantive research into the subject matter through delineated modules/topics and come up with your own thesis on this area.

Why should you do this? Perhaps you are considering or already are in a career which necessitates such discussion. Whether it is two countries debating the sovereignty of an island, or a certain demographic laying claim to land, or something else – this new Doctoral program provides grist for the intellectual mill.

Check it out here: PhD in the Concept of the Nation.