Research Ideas and Opportunities

Below, you will find some areas of research in which we can accommodate (just a partial list). Some of these areas are suggested to us by mentors or by industries as good for research. Research ideas are not set in stone. If you are interested in pursuing research in any of the fields/areas listed below, or perhaps even suggest a field/area, please contact us.

Please note that these are intended as ideas to help inspire you. Feel free to use them, but at Warnborough we are very keen to encourage innovation. If you have any ideas of your own please contact us and talk to somebody about your options.

  • How to Market Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror Poetry
  • How to Get Started as a Writer in the Antiques / Collectibles Field
  • How to Write in the Antiques / Collectibles Field
  • How to Write Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror Poetry