Peer Buddy

The College has a support system in place to create a stronger student community at Warnborough. Initiated on 1st of May 2002, each new graduate student is allocated a peer buddy. A peer buddy can be a current or former Warnborough student who has experienced the research process and can provide peer support to the new student.

For anyone starting in a research program, let alone a distance learning one, things can get very lonely. Because you’re not working in a classroom with other people doing the same thing, it can become very frustrating having no one to turn to. The buddy system hopes to alleviate some of this frustration by putting new students in contact with a student who has been through the experience and who is willing to share time and ideas as to how to cope.

Any Warnborough student doing research can be a peer buddy, provided the student has completed at least half of his/her own research program. Graduates may still volunteer to act as buddies after they have completed their programs.